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  The Wooing Tree
About Us > The Wooing Tree

  We purchased the land whilst living overseas so we didn't know anything about the Wooing Tree, we got an email from Robin Dicey who was developing the vineyard that there were a whole lot of trees that would have to be removed. We replied that was ok.

Unbeknownst to us there was a tree on the land called the Wooing Tree and it had long been a popular place for locals to woo their lovers. The impending removal of the tree bought a lot of locals out of the woodwork as the tree had to be saved. There were stories of people being conceived under the tree and it had a lot of history in the locals hearts and a campaign to save the tree was started. The story featured in the newspapers, there was even a poetry competition to save the tree. We received another email from Robin telling us about the tree's history, once we heard this story we decided it had to stay and that was the obvious name for the vineyard and wine label.

Now the tree sits prominently in the middle of the vineyard, appears on our logo and the vineyard is now being referred to as Cromwell's iconic vineyard. It is fast becoming a popular place for marriage proposals and weddings.

The top photo on the left shows Lionel a French winemaker from Bordeaux trying his luck under the Wooing Tree!

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